6871 St. Petersburg continues to develop digital tourism projects

08 September 2021

At the 27th international forum-exhibition "OTDYKH Leisure 2021" an agreement was signed between the St. Petersburg Tourist Information Bureau and LLC "Turmashina". The parties are planning a partnership in the digitalization of the tourism industry and the provision of tourism services in St. Petersburg, as well as the development of special travel projects.

The Committee for Tourism is actively developing and implementing new digital services and products for both city residents and travel service providers, the tourism industry and the hospitality industry as part of the digital tourism industry program.

The City Tourist Information Bureau regularly works to promote the possibilities of the St. Petersburg metabrand for use in business. Today, the next company that has shown interest in cooperation in this direction is LLC "Turmashina". After signing, the partner got the opportunity to use the city tourism logo in the development of travel projects using online technologies.

The agreement is a continuation of the work on launching the Tourist mobile application in St. Petersburg. Thanks to the service, residents and guests of the city can learn about events, locations and sights of St. Petersburg in a convenient format.

In the future, the parties plan to jointly develop the city tourist portal Visit Petersburg in terms of introducing a customized route designer in St. Petersburg, which allows users to fully plan their trip and activities in the city in one window.