Chizhik-Pyzhik will tell children about Petersburg in a poetic form on the tourist portal

04 October 2021

Chizhik-Pyzhik will tell children about St. Petersburg in a poetic form on the tourist portal

The project of children's poetic excursions from Chizhik-Pyzhik appeared on the official tourist website of the city thanks to cooperation with OOO Chizhik Trading House. The author of audio excursions personally acts as their announcer. At the moment, 24 audio tracks have been recorded and published about city attractions and famous locations. The project is planned to be developed and supplemented with new guidebooks.

Chizhik-Pyzhik is known in Russia as a hero of folklore and a symbol of St. Petersburg. And now he will also become a guide who will tell about the main attractions of the city: the Admiralty, Gostiny Dvor, Singer House, St. Isaac's and Kazan Cathedrals and many others.

According to a popular legend in St. Petersburg, the students of the Imperial School of Jurisprudence in house number 6 on the Fontanka River embankment were originally jokingly called “Chizhik-pyzhik”. It existed at this address from 1835 to 1918. This nickname appeared because of the colors of the student's uniform - green and yellow. The famous song "Chizhik-pyzhik, where have you been?" was composed about the students.

The smallest city monument - the figurine "Chizhik-Pyzhik" - since 1994 has been located near the site of the former school. According to the legend, he fulfills the wishes of the townspeople and guests of the city. To embody the enigma, you need to throw a coin on the pedestal of the monument so that it remains there. An important condition is that the desire must be sincere.

You can find audio guides for children on behalf of the hero Chizhik-Pyzhik by following the link