The interregional route was presented to the travel community

30 November 2021

In 2023, Russia will celebrate the 150th anniversary of Sergey Rachmaninov. Interest in the personality and creativity of the composer allows you to draw attention to the achievements of Russian culture and even create completely new travel and excursion projects related to the life of Rachmaninov. To prepare for the celebration of the composer's anniversary, specialists of the St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution "City Tourist Information Bureau", subordinate to the Committee for Tourism Development of St. Petersburg, together with colleagues from Veliky Novgorod developed the interregional route from St. Petersburg to Veliky Novgorod "Sergey Rachmaninov. 150 years of genius."

St. Petersburg acts as a place of formation of S.V. Rachmaninov's composing and performing talent. The cultural and imperial capital marked the beginning of his artistic development. In St. Petersburg almost all addresses and houses associated with the composer's biography have been preserved to this day. The route included the following of them: Vega House on the Kryukov Canal, the St. Petersburg Conservatory, the Vienna Restaurant, the Big Philharmonic Hall, 35 Mokhovaya (Tenishevsky School), 2 Konyushennaya (the apartment of the Pribytkovs, in which Rachmaninov stayed during his visits to St. Petersburg).

As noted by the Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Alla Manilova, the federal plan for celebrating the 150th anniversary of S.V. Rachmaninov is an open book without the last page, where everyone who is interested can make suggestions. "We will gladly accept new approaches, complete the plan and, if the idea is worthwhile, find the resources to implement it. Even in the current conditions and despite budget constraints in which the whole world lives today, we will find an opportunity to implement ideas," Manilova said.

Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Boris Piotrovsky, who coordinates the activities of the city's Committee For Culture, noted the great work that is being done in the city to prepare for 2023. According to him, by the 150th anniversary of the composer, the St. Petersburg square named after him will definitely be transformed. It will become a beautiful place of attraction, a musical note in the cultural and tourist geography of St. Petersburg. In addition, Piotrovsky stressed that a ballet to the music of Sergey Rachmaninov – "The Seagull", as well as the ballet "Beyond the Sin" is still being held in St. Petersburg.

Veliky Novgorod and the Novgorod Region are the small homeland of the famous composer. Here tourists will plunge into the atmosphere of one of the oldest cities in Russia as part of the route. It is the center of the birth of Russian statehood and the capital of one of the first European democracies. The objects to visit as part of the new route in Veliky Novgorod included the monument to S.V. Rachmaninov, the Tithe Monastery, the Museum of Three Composers, the Kremlin Park, the Rachmaninov Cultural Center, the grave of Lyubov Rachmaninova, the composer's mother at the Christmas Cemetery.

The movement of the tour participants between the cities also did not remain without the close attention of the route creators. Therefore, a fast, comfortable and interesting trip from St. Petersburg to Veliky Novgorod takes place along the M-11 expressway. It joined St. Petersburg in 2019, when Russian President Vladimir Putin personally gave an official start to the auto movement. If the participants of the route prefer rail transport, the transfer from St. Petersburg to Veliky Novgorod is also carried out by rail – on a convenient high-speed passenger electric train “Lastochka”("Swallow"), which develops speeds up to 160 km / h.