The Festival of Light dedicated to the 800th anniversary of Alexander Nevsky

02 December 2021

The grandiose light and visual event, traditional for St. Petersburg, will be held online. Viewers from Russia and other countries are going to witness the mesmerizing show by connecting to the broadcast.

December 6, on the day of memory of the Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky - on the official city tourist portal Visit Petersburg: from 18:00;

On the night of December 6-7, 2021 - on the federal television channel "Channel Five" at 00:30.

“The Miracle of Light. Link of Times” - this is the name of the festival this year. It reflects the relationship between significant events and outstanding people in the history of St. Petersburg and Russia.

The legendary Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky, whose 800th anniversary is celebrated this year, will become the protagonist of light and visual compositions.

Changing its format, the festival has significantly increased the scale of the show and even has set a new world record. Light craftsmen and designers, computer designers of 3D graphics and animation have created the longest light projection: 1244 meters.

The historical walls of the Peter and Paul Fortress, the iconic symbol of St. Petersburg, will serve as a panoramic basis for light paintings and installations. In a magical play of the glow, shadow and lights, the works of the artists will reflect the main traditions of the city on the Neva, the historical milestones of its formation, culture and modern achievements, the classical heritage of Russia and scientific progress.

Without leaving one’s apartment, in Russia and other countries, each spectator will be able to see the festival from the best perspective, experience delight and enjoy the unforgettable atmosphere of the Northern capital.

For reference:

The city light show "The Miracle of Light " is organized with the support of the Committee for Tourism Development and has been held in St. Petersburg since 2016. In 2018, the Festival entered the top 200 events in Russia. It was awarded the status of "National Event-2018". In 2019, the Festival was awarded the Grand Prix of the Russian Event Awards in the field of event tourism.