Petersburg received awards in the field of medical tourism

08 December 2021

On December 7, at the Russian Health Care Week in Moscow, an award ceremony was held for the finalists of the All-Russian Competition «Med Travel Leaders», established by the Association of Medical Tourism and the Export of Medical Services.

St. Petersburg became the winner in five nominations.

Yulia Kuzenskaya, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Tourism Development, received an honorary diploma in the nomination «The best design of a medical tourism portal in the Northwestern Federal District» on behalf of the city.

«St. Petersburg is rightfully recognized as the best city in the field of medical tourism and at the moment it is the only one where the development of medical tourism is enshrined at the legislative level, and a special Agency, responsible for this subject, has been created. This is a well-deserved recognition of our St. Petersburg colleagues’ professionalism and the attention paid to the development of tourism by the city administration. Even in the difficult and controversial conditions of our days in the city you can get full-cycle services, including programs for rehabilitation, medical support and recovery from illness, strengthening the immune system in general, » noted Yulia Kuzenskaya.

The Committee for Tourism Development of St. Petersburg also received awards for the implemented activities:

- Forum of Medical Tourism of the member countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States - in the nomination «Best New Congress Event of 2021».

- Series of round tables «International certification in medical tourism for representatives of medical organizations, health resort organizations, hotels and tour operators» - in the nomination «Best International Educational Program».

St. Petersburg Medical Tourism Agency became the winner in the categories «Best Medical Tourism Video» and «Best Medical Tourism Catalogue of the Subjects of Russian Federation».

«Our task at the competition was to draw attention to the inbound medical tourism industry in the Russian Federation, create a single information space for successful practices, strengthen the international brand of Russian healthcare on the world stage and help promote Russia's position in the international ranking of countries in medical tourism, » comments Natalya Yudina, General Director of the St. Petersburg Medical Tourism Agency.

The competition was held as part of the implementation of the Strategy for the Development of Services Exports until 2025 and participation in the federal project Development of Medical Services Exports of the National Healthcare Program. The geography of the competition covered 70 constituent entities of the Russian Federation - the project participants. 50 nominees applied for the award.

For reference:

Subordinate to the Committee for Tourism Development St. Petersburg Agency of Medical Tourism was created in 2018 at the initiative of the Government of St. Petersburg with the aim of developing medical and sanatorium tourism, as well as to attract patients from the regions and from abroad. The Agency is the first organization in its field that intends to combine competitive advantages - a high level of healthcare and the uniqueness of St. Petersburg as one of the most popular tourist destinations.

The Medical Tourism Forum of the CIS member countries was held in St. Petersburg on November 10-11, 2021 and brought together key experts on medical tourism from different countries. The audience of the event, taking into account online connections, consisted of specialists from more than 60 regions of Russia and about 20 countries, including such industry leaders as Turkey, South Korea and Israel.

A series of round tables «International certification in medical tourism for representatives of medical organizations, health resort organizations, hotels and tour operators» was held in the city on the Neva in October 2021 and became the largest European event dedicated to the international certification system of clinics.

It is notable that on the eve of summing up the results of the competition, on December 6, at the international workshop on medical and health tourism in St. Petersburg, the first agreement was concluded between St. Petersburg and South Korea in the field of medical tourism.