St. Petersburg signed an agreement with South Korea in the field of medical tourism

06 December 2021

Medical Tourism Agency supervised by St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development, took part in the International Workshop on Medical and Health Tourism “K-BUSAN Medical Tourism Conference” on December 3, 2021.

The event was hosted by the Korea International Trade Association in cooperation with the Busan Medical Tourism Agency, providing an opportunity for participants to get acquainted with Korean clinics in the format of short meetings. The clinics presented their achievements and developments in a variety of therapeutic areas. As a result of the event, it was planned to sign dozens of bilateral agreements on partnership and cooperation.

General Manager of Medical Tourism Agency, Natalya Yudina commented on the beneficial social impact of the agreement. She highlighted the development of standardization of requirements for working with foreign patients between St. Petersburg and South Korea, assistance in improving competencies, sharing experience in the formation of international departments of clinics, organizing joint scientific and practical events, improving the quality and availability of medicine. Earlier, a medical agreement in the field of medicine was signed between St. Petersburg and Spain.