How St. Petersburg will be decorated for the New Year and Christmas

08 December 2021

In St. Petersburg about 190 addresses will be dressed up in all 18 districts of the city.

According to The Committee for the Press and Mass Media Cooperation, the composition with the main live spruce is planned to be installed on the Palace Square. The height of the spruce will be 25 m. Also, 67 artificial spruces will be installed in the city, of which: 1 spruce 25 m high, 13 spruces 20 m high, 47 spruces 14 m high, 2 spruces 8 m high, 2 spruces 6 m high and 2 spruces high 4 m.

More than 3,800 festive decoration elements will be installed in the city: 1,553 light compositions on lighting poles, 373 light compositions on cable structures, 1,718 light garlands and decorative elements on shrubs, trees and in fountain bowls, as well as 166 panels and dynamic light compositions on building facades, free-standing compositions, compositions on bridges and other design elements.

As noted, this year it was possible to continue the integration of New Year's decoration in districts remote from the center, and microdistricts with massive residential development.

Completion of work will take place in stages by December 1, 10, 20.