«Gorny Institut» metro station will be opened in 2024

08 December 2021

The station will be located on the Lakhtinsko-Pravoberezhnaya (orange) line of the St. Petersburg metro.

The bulk of the mining work has almost been completed; an escalator tunnel for the future station has been built. It is scheduled to begin accepting passengers in 2024, Blog fiesta reports.

The station will have two lobbies: the first will appear at the intersection of Bolshoy Prospekt and the 24-25th lines of Vasilyevsky Island, the second - not far from the intersection of the 23rd line and the Oil Canal.

Note that in a few years, the city will also open the Kazakovskaya and Putilovskaya metro stations of the new Krasnoselsko-Kalininskaya line. At Kazakovskaya, work is underway to build an underground lobby, and at Putilovskaya, an inclined escalator tunnel has begun.