Flower design options for St. Petersburg are being developed for 2022

10 January 2022

The press service of the Committee for the Improvement reported that the gardeners have begun to develop projects for the flower and artistic landscape design of the city.

“The forms of flower garden, the color scheme of plantings are updated annually. When planning, specialists use historical materials on gardening art with the arrangement of classical flower form, and new landscape solutions using geoplastics, inert materials, topiary and vertical structures.”

According to tradition, everything is decorated with viola in spring: in 2022 this is about 506,800 units of this species. Also, 185.100 units of tulips planted in autumn 2021 should bloom. In total, in 2022, specialists will use more than 67 species and 100 varieties of annual plants for flower decoration. 11,500 trees, almost 72,000 shrubs and 5 million flower plants were planted in 2021. Gardeners also repaired 67 hectares of lawns.