US Consul estimated Bureau's activities

14 October 2014

14 October in the building of Saint Petersburg City Tourist Information Bureau there was held a business meeting of representatives of Saint Petersburg Tourism Development Committee and the US Consulate in Saint Petersburg.

Representatives of the City Tourist Information Bureau told the Consul about their activities. 9 information pavilions are daily opened for tourists in Saint Petersburg, one more is opened in the sea port during navigation time. About 80 volunteers of Angels service are always ready to help guests of the city on the central streets and near sightseeing. Tourist helpline functions daily as well as 113 alarm buttons to contact police around the whole city. City Tourist Information Bureau helps tourists in case of thefts, pick pocketing and robbery cases. Tourists need to fill in a special form which will be translated into Russian and submitted to the police department. In the course of meeting an agreement on layout of information about Saint Petersburg Tourist Information Bureau on the US General website was reached.