Russkaya Ribalka (Russian Fishing) restaurant


Russian Fishing” is a whole entertainment complex with a zoo for those who like to spend time outdoors and enjoy freshly-caught fish. After all, the most delicious fish - the one that you have caught by yourself!

Krestovsky Island was noticeable from the first years after foundation of Saint Petersburg as a centre of premium leisure. The beauty of the unique landscape attracted representatives of city aristocracy. The first owner of Krestovsky Island since 1710 had been Prince Alexander Menshikov. Well-known for his love of refined amusements and rest, Menshikov occupied with landscaping of the island: he dewatered its west part, set up greenhouses and constructed fishponds. At the end of the 18th century the west part of the island became a favourite place for the rest of city aristocracy; lots of entertainment facilities appeared in the east part. The summer café “Russian Fishing” appeared in 1999 on the shore of the South pond, which visitors got a fish-tackle and could catch trout, sturgeon or starlet in the special fish cages. There were cleaned tubes, connected the South pound with the Gulf of Finland, and installed stream water and oxygen pumps. The cold weather didn`t stop those who wished to catch fish - that`s how the army tent and potbelly stove have appeared. A large wooden house on piles was built later in the South pond.

17 years have passed. All these years the restaurant, built from the light wooden constructions, has worked staying popular. Guests could catch fish all the year round. The restaurant was recognized as the best restaurant in St. Petersburg many times. In 2014 it became one of the most unusual restaurants in the world according to New York Times.

But the time has required a new approach that takes into account the increasing demands of guests and celebrities that frequently visit this oasis of nature in the heart of the city. And the restaurant was rebuilt. The walls of large uncalibrated Siberian cedar and larch wood repeated traditional stepped roof pitch. The outdoor terrace has become bigger and spacious. Unusual architecture and interior still remind buildings of north sea-board, but now the restaurant looks like authentic fairy tower! A big fire place, that creates comfort and reminds about the live fire in the harsh northern latitudes, appeared in the centre of the building.

In Spring 2016 the renewed restaurant has opened at the old place.

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