The restaurant is a bright example of the legendary Uzbek culture of receiving guests

The restaurant´s interior with unique wooden cutwork, national patterns, ornamental carpets and colorful cushions corresponds to the best tastes of classical Caucasian dishes. Mingel-style, adjar-style, gurian-style khachapuri, fried corn flatbread with suluguni cheese, saciabeli sauce and fresh tarragon, fried chuchvara, pork odzhakhuri. The restaurant also offers a wide range of soups and dishes cooked on coals. For Brichmula we have selected the brightest and most interesting recipes. And the open kitchen allows the guests to watch how the best cooks of Brichmula create their masterpieces.

The brand-chef Izo Dzandzava hasn’t forgotten about vegetarians either: specially for them there are plenty of dishes made exclusively from vegetables. The menu also includes oriental sweets and delicious desserts, so no one leaves the restaurant without trying them.

Light summer terrace is a tribute of a cozy tea-house where guests usually enjoy themselves sipping green tea from a special bowl in summer; separate bar zones on each of the two floors of the restaurant, the wide hookah list, delicious breakfasts and many other special offers which the restaurant is happy to present to its guests every month.

There is also a play-room for children: our experienced nurses, diverse toys and developing games won’t let your kids remain bored. 

Average bill - 1300 rub

  • Georgian
  • Uzbek
  • Japaneese
  • European
  • Caucasian

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