The large Suli Guli restaurant is a stronghold of family comfort and warmth, since its name is translated as "Soul and Heart" for a good reason! Everything here speaks of sincere friendship and legendary Georgian hospitality

The restaurant interior is arranged in bright and witty style: live plants, soft sofas, amusing basin-shaped lamps, woodpiles under the open brazier. Each guest is the soul of the restaurant and each lunch or dinner is the heart, a piece of which our skilled chefs put into cooking the most delicious dishes.

While parents take a rest enjoying a conversation or friendly get-togethers, kids can play in the largest and most colorful pirate children's room. Beyond that, at the Suli Guli restaurant you can admire the industrial landscapes, either tete-a-tete at the tables near panoramic windows or from a covered hall on the podium. The fans of dining in the open air can relax on the bright outdoor terrace with cushions and a garden of fresh flowers.

  • Georgian
  • European
  • Wheelchair access
  • Live music
  • Children's room
  • Delivery
  • Sport events broadcasts
Wheelchair access
Live music
Children's room

Пт и Сб – вечера живой музыки

Sport events broadcasts

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