Some things don’t change. And that is good. Georgian cuisine has long been beyond any trends – and that’s why it’s always ultra-trendy. “Chechil” restaurant stands picturesquely in Degtyarnyi pereulok – occupying two floors, with a cozy terrace and comfortable own parking

National identity starts at the porch – from passionate Georgian shepherds painted on the pictures. Real greens under the ceiling, macramé-lampshades, cozy bookshelves hiding behind curtains of private cubicles. Copper utensils shine above the open kitchen, side by side with vials of pickled vegetables – a delicious treat.

The cuisine is all-round Georgian, encompassing the country’s diverse regions. Khashlama from Kakhetia with golden broth and Adjari-style zucchini, Megreli-style Khachapuri and Rachin-style pork ribs. A soup with Borjomi gives you summer-like refreshment, supplemented by matzoni and pink radish. Tsitsila-chicken is baked whole in Svan oven – and served in one piece too. For breakfast, Kveli made of Nadugi cheese would be an ideal choice. “Hangover” Hasch soup and calf brain is something men would appreciate. Ladies would appreciate the salad with watermelon and Imereti cheese, wrapped in air-light dough
And don’t try to abstain from the dessert menu, where a tender fig tart and classic Napoleon cake play neighbors to gastronomic surprises: sweet carbonara and pines – looking exactly like those from the trees, but made of chocolate meringue. And Georgian Churchkhela – the delight made of solidified grape juice, stuffed with walnuts. Like eternal happiness which you just can’t resist.

  • Georgian
  • Caucasian
  • European
  • Table d'hote
  • Delivery
  • Sport TV
  • Breakfast
  • Hookah
  • Lounge area
  • Wi-Fi
  • Board Games
  • Wine list
  • Other services
  • Nursery
  • Free Parking
Table d'hote
Sport TV

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Lounge area
Board Games
Wine list
Other services
Free Parking

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