Romantic Saint Petersburg

St Petersburg is a city where a great number of important events have happened over three centuries: government reforms, coups, intrigues, twists and turns of ordinary people’s fates, the most important scientific discoveries and inventions. Houses, gardens, cobbled streets, parks, embankments – all these keep the memory of the past centuries.

The city has won recognition from the modern travellers as well. According to – the Russian tourist portal, Northern Capital is the best city for romantic trips, and the American magazine Travel+Leisure included the city in top 50 most romantic places of the world. We are going to offer you a few ideas for a romantic walk.

Photo by: Iona Didishvili (IONA)

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Places for romantic dates in St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg, Pikalov most
Saint Petersburg, Sadovaya ulitsa, 54
St. Petersburg, Vasilievsky Ostrov, Birzhevaya Ploschad
Saint Petersburg, nab. Kutuzova, 2
Saint Petersburg, Potseluev most
Places for love confessions
Saint Petersburg, Isaakievskaya ploshad
St. Petersburg, Ligovsky pr., 74
Saint Petersburg, Peter and Paul fortress
St. Petersburg, Dvortsovy most
Romantic walks in Saint-Petersburg
2 h 30 min.
Unusual and interesting places for lovers
Saint Petersburg, Sredny prospekt V. O., 77
Saint Petersburg, 29-ya linya V.O., 2, lit. А
Saint Petersburg, Konushennaya ploshad, 2B
Saint Petersburg, naberezhnaya reki Moiki, 87