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The Sacred Heart Church is a Catholic temple in St. Petersburg. It falls under the administration of the north-western part of the archdiocese of the Mother of God, headed by the Metropolitan Archbishop Paolo Pezzi

 At the end of the 19th century, about 15,000 Catholics lived over the Neva Gateway; they were the parishioners of St. Catherine's Church, which was located quite far away, on 32 Nevsky Prospekt. In 1892, the Catholics working at numerous factories of the district decided to build their own church. In the autumn of 1905, they received the necessary permission. Initially, a temporary chapel was arranged at the Obukhov factory and registered as part of the church of St. Catherine. It was situated in a private house.

On November 18, 1906, the treasury allocated a plot of 500 square fathoms on the corner of Kladbischenskaya ulitsa (Babushkina ulitsa) and Bolshaya Shchemilovka ulitsa (Farforovskaya ulitsa) to the Catholics. On September 8, 1907, a large stone church in Brick Gothic style was solemnly laid (project of architect S.P. Galenzovsky). However, the works soon ceased due to financial difficulties and violations of the building bylaw and resumed only in 1912; at the same time, a temporary chapel was consecrated in one of the building huts. Three years later, the church was topped out, but the funds ran low again, and by request of the construction committee, fundraising went through all the Catholic churches of the empire.

In 1914, services were already going on in the unfinished church, but it was apparently consecrated only at the end of 1917 - the beginning of 1918. During the building process, it was decided to forgo the construction of the bell towers.

In the summer of 1929, the local ethnic group union demanded that the temple be transformed into a sports center. In July 1936, after the fire, the church was sealed off and eventually closed down following the decree of the Presidium of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee dated May 23, 1937. The large building was first given to the Industrial Complex, and later, in the 1970s, - to the development company, which rebuilt it considerably, dividing the structure into four floors.

In 1993, the first floor and half of the top floor of the building were transferred to the Catholic community. On June 6, 1996, the first mass was held on the upper floor in the temporary chapel. In 2003, the building was completely returned to the believers.

At the moment, the church is under renovation.

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    At the moment, the church is under renovation and is closed to the public
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