The Resurrection Smolny Cathedral


The Resurrection Smolny Cathedral  is an active Orthodox church and an outstanding architectural monument of the XVIII century

The Resurrection Smolny Cathedral was founded in 1748 by the will of empress Elizabeth Petrovna and was consecrated on July 20, 1835.

The project of the cathedral was created by the outstanding architect Franchesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli, the interior of the church was made by another famous architect Vasily Stasov.

Petersburg monasteries and convents

The route will guide you through the history of a monkery, monasteries and convents in Saint Petersburg. 

4 h

Night cruise-conсert

• live music on board

• dance hits of the 21st century

• 5 drawbridges on the way

• double-deck boat

• open and closed decks

Baroque monuments in St. Petersburg

This route will not only make you familiar with the baroque monuments spread all over our city, but also will disclose why baroque architecture strayed so much from the european traditions. 

3 h

Architect Rastrelli

This route gives you an opportunity to know more not only about  the works of the greatest architect but also about his personal life, to get acquainted with the concept of "Rastrelli baroque".

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