Nikolskaya (St. Nicholas) Bolsheokhtinskaya Church


Nikolskaya Bolsheokhtinskaya church was founded by the factory owner Georgy Grigoryevich Nikonov, who wanted to build a small church over the burial place of his son, who died at the age of eight

Nikonov entrusted architect Beretti who had built his own house the construction of the church. The church was founded on August 24, 1812. The construction lasted two years. In September 1814, the temple was consecrated. Nikonov donated 10 thousand rubles for the construction of the church. Part of this amount went to the manufacture of the iconostasis, the purchase of utensils and the construction of the sacristy. A plaque (now lost) with the inscription: "For the glory of the almighty God, this temple was laid on August 1812, 24, consecrated on September 1814, 27 " was placed on the western facade of the temple.

At the Bolsheokhtinsky cemetery, six months before the consecration of the temple, the first director of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum V.F. Malinovsky was buried. Among the few lyceum students who escorted the coffin was Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin.

In 1870 major repairs were made in the church and the interior was re-painted (with money donated by wealthy parishioners from merchants). After this, the temple was re-consecrated a small consecration on October 22, 1870.

For many years the church had been kept at the expense of Nikonov’s heirs.

After the revolution in June 1921, with the blessing of Metropolitan Veniamin of Petrograd and Gdov (executed on August 13, 1922), a church celebration of the 200th anniversary of Okhta was solemnly held in St. Nicholas Church. I

n 10 years time, since 1929, when the persecution of the church had especially intensified, 11 Orthodox and single-faith churches on Bolshaya Okhta were closed and demolished. The St. Nicholas Church itself was not closed.

Among the repressed was the Archpriest of the St.Nicholas Bolsheokhtinsky Church, Father Fedor Bogolyubov, who was shot in December 1937.

The church now houses icons from the closed and demolished churches of Okhta and Porokhovye areas, including the righteous Joseph Drevodel, the Mother of God of Smolensk and the great martyr Paraskeva Pyatnitsa.

The church is open now; regular services are held.

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