Anglican Church of Jesus Christ


​A lost Church in St. Petersburg

The Anglican Church, or the Church of Jesus Christ, was set up in 1723 by the members of the Anglican community in the hired house of the Sheremetevs on Bolshaya Neva embankment. In 1753, the building was acquired by the British consul. The Italian-style prayer hall was opened in March, 1754. In 1814-1815, the house was rebuilt by architect G. Quarenghi in the Empire style. The main façade is decorated with a six-columned portico and crowned with a triangular pediment with the sculptures of Faith, Hope and Love. The two-room prayer hall is decorated with columns and pilasters of the Corinthian order. In 1860, the hall was re-decorated by architect A. Pel, and in 1877-1878, architect F. Boltenhagen altered the façade finish. At the end of the 19th century, the interior was decorated with stained glass windows. In 1919, the church was closed, and its archives were taken to London. After that, the City Excursion and Travel Bureau settled in the building for a long period. Later, a branch of the Conservatory moved in here.

The British in Petersburg

We will walk in the places reflecting centuries-old history of Great Britain and Russia's relations

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  • Address: St. Petersburg, Angliiskaya nab., 56
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