Netherlands Reformed Church 


The Dutch church was closed in 1927, the building was nationalized

The former cathedral of the Netherlands Reformed Church built in 1834-1839 by architect Paul Jacot. It features Russian classicism style. The church was consecrated in 1834. The ceremony was attended by the Prince of Orange and his son (the future Kings of the Netherlands William II and William III). The side of the church overlooking the Nevsky Prospect is decorated with a four-column Corinthian portico. The gable of the Netherlands Reformed Church building is decorated with a high relief depicting angels holding an open Bible. The Dutch church was closed in 1927, the building was nationalized.

In 1830 master Friedrich made a church organ specially for the Dutch church. In 1891, the same congregation of the Netherlands Reformed Church commissioned a new organ in the company "E.F. Walker. " It was a German Romantic organ. When installing a new instrument, the "Walker" company used the facade of the old Frederich organ. This facade was constructed with the assistance of the architect P. Jacot. After the church was closed, the organ was moved to the concert hall of the Capella. This facade of the organ is the oldest one in Russia and is considered a monument of decorative art.

After the church was closed in 1927, its premises were granted to various organizations. Theaters, libraries, cafes, trade organizations were housed here. For many years the bookstore «House of the military book» worked in this building. Currently it houses an affiliate  of the Mayakovsky Library – the  Library Information and Cultural Center for Art and Music.

Dutchmen in Petersburg

This route gives you a chance to see Dutch trace in a culture and architecture of the city

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