The 1st Sadovy Bridge


The 1st Sadovy Bridge connects Spassky island and the 1st Admiralteysky island across the Moyka river in Central district of St. Petersburg

The first bridge was built here in the 1710s after the reconstruction of the Moyka riverbed.  It was connected with the Fontanka river by a straight canal. A wooden drawbridge was built over the canal for passing masted vessels.

At the end of the ХVIII century the bridge was named the 2nd Tsaritsynsky because it was located next to the Tsaritsyn meadow (the Field of Mars), then it was renamed Mikhailovsky - after the Mikhailovsky castle, later it became Sadovy — from Sadovaya street, and finally, in 1957, the bridge received its current name —  the 1st Sadovy bridge.

In 1798-1801, a new wooden single-span bridge was built on the site of the old one. It happened due to the construction of the Mikhailovsky castle and the replanning of the territory around it.

In 1835-1836 the bridge was rebuilt to a single-span stone arched one by engineers P.P. Bazin, A. D. Gotman, I. F. Buttats. The bridge has a rich architectural decor: cast-iron railings made of round open-worked shields and crossed spears, lighting columns in the form of bundles of spears intertwined by wreaths and decorated by shields with lion masks.

In 1906-1908 the bridge was completely rebuilt by engineer A. P. Pshenitsky and architect L. A. Ilyin due to the opening of tram traffic along Sadovaya Street. The stone arch of the bridge was replaced with steel, and this structure has survived to this day.

During the Siege, the decor was severely damaged, and then recreated during the restoration work.

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