Blagoveshensky Bridge


The Blagoveshchensky is the first permanent bridge across the Neva River in Saint Petersburg

The Blagoveshchensky (Annunciation) Bridge (in 1855-1918 it was called Nikolaevsky Bridge, in 1918-2007 Lieutenant Schmidt Bridge) is the first permanent bridge across the Neva River in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It connects Vasilievsky Island and central part of the city.

In 1727 a temporary bridge was built at the location of the modern bridge. The place was chosen by Menshikov whose palace is located at the opposite bank. This bridge, named Issakievsky, existed until the current bridge was built, at which time it was moved to the location of where Palace Bridge is located today.

The bridge was built in 1843-1850. It was designed by Stanisław Kierbedź, a Polish engineer working in Russia . The architect Alexander Brullov participated in the decoration. The construction was a cast iron bridge with a bascule section. At the time, it was the longest bridge in Europe.

The bridge's length is 331 meters and the width is 24 meters. The original name of the bridge was Nevsky Bridge, later renamed to Blagoveshchensky Bridge, after the death of Tsar Nicholas I to Nikolaevsky Bridge in his honor, and in 1918 to Lieutenant Schmidt Bridge.

Nowadays the bridge is named after the church built on the square close up to the bridge.
Reconstruction of the bridge was completed in 2007.

Neva's width in this place is 280 meters.


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