Finland Bridge is an important backup link of Northwest railroad system

It is connecting both industrial coasts of Saint-Petersburg. It is located 1 kilometer upstream relative to Alexander Nevskiy's bridge.

It is a system of two parallel bridges crossing  Neva River. The bridge is an important part of city’s railway infrastructure - it connects ways and stations of the north district to the south of St – Petersburg. Usually name “Finlyandskiy” is applied to 2 bridges and the system of railways around it.

The very first bridge in this area was constructed in 1910–1912 by engineers N.Belelyubsky, G.Krivoshein, I.Aleksandrov and architect V.Apyshkov. Finlyandskiy bridge was built in the eastern part of the city and was the first bridge in the area. It was constructed as railway bridge with a walkway for pedestrians. Then World War started and terrorist attacks and diversions began. The major engineer of Russian Railways decided to dismantle the pedestrian walkway due to concerns of security. Even today the bridge is closed for any transport except trains and there is no pedestrian walkways.

Bridge was a part of Russian Royal Railways and it connected Moscow’s direction with the part of State Finnish Railways. The construction was funded by Finland. Also new bridge was constructed not far away from Finlyandskiy Railway Station. Thus it took its name (Finlyandsky bridge means “Bridge of Finland”)  

Length of the bridge is 514 meters.

Length of reinforced concrete pier is 611 meters.

Total length including approaches is about 1130 meters.


  • Address: St. Petersburg, Finlyandsky most
  • Working time: Round table
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