Among the student were Mandelshtam and Nabokov

A secondary education institution. It was founded by Prince V. N. Tenishev as a three-class general education high school in 1898. The course of studies was eight years including seven general classes and one specialist class. It was situated in a special building at 33-35 Mokhovaya Street. 

Among its teachers were N. I. Berezin, V. N. Verkhovsky, Vladimir V. Gippius, I. M. Grevs, E. F. Lesgaft, and A. Y. Ostrogorsky as the school director. Among the students were V. M. Zhirmunsky, O. E. Mandelstam, and V. V. Nabokov; the latter two left their reminiscences of the school. The school hall accommodated concerts and performances, as well as various meetings and conventions.

Osip Mandelshtam in Petersburg

The route will guide through the places that treasure the memories about one of the brightest Russian poets of the 20th century

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