Spiridonov's House (Malyutka Palace)


Now there is a special registry office – for solemn birth registration

At the end of the XVIIIth century the owner of the area on Furshtatskaya street on which the house №58 was located was a silversmith Carlson. Then this area was repeatedly resold.

In 1830-1890-ies the land was belonged to Vera Petrovna Vasilkova. In 1838 one-store wooden house was built here by the architect Freiberg. Outbuildings in the yard were built in 1852 by N. Sychev.

In the early 1890s, the heirs of Vasilkova sold the house to the collegiate counselor Nikolai Vasilyevich Spiridonov. In 1895-1897 the Professor of architecture Alexander Nikanorovich Pomerantsev totally rebuilt the house. The architect created a new front annular suite, consisting of a ceremonial hall and several lounges. The interiors were designed in the style of eclecticism by V. Svinyin. "Eastern" room and a winter garden in the Art Nouveau style were created in Spiridonov House. Arrangement of the winter garden was engaged by the architect I. Kitner.

It was the house of the Spiridonov family. There were no noisy balls and concerts, the rooms were not rented.

After the death of N. Spiridonov his widow and daughter sold the house to the merchant Ivan Andreyevich Melikov. After 1917 the house was empty, in 1924 an orphanage was placed there. In 1927-1928 the Dental Institute was opened its doors in the House, transformed it into the Leningrad Medical Dental Institute in 1935. The rector's office, departments, library, classrooms were placed here.

On November 5, 1965 the special department of the Leningrad Civil Registry Office intended for solemn ceremonies of birth registration - Malyutka Palace was opened in this building. Nina Stepanovna Beskaravaynaya was its first head. Malyutka Palace, being the only institution of this type in Russia, became a methodical center not only for the departments of St. Petersburg registrar, but also for the entire country. There was a special school of conducting ceremonies. In 1988 a five-million resident of Leningrad was recorded in the Palace.

Furshtatskaya Street

The route will get you acquanted with the history of the street development, the life of its buildings and their inhabitants

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