Palace of Grand Duke Alexei


Palace of Grand Duke Alexei (St. Petersburg Music House, Alexeevsky Palace) is one of the grand-ducal palaces of Saint Petersburg

Until a parcel of land was handed over to the palace construction, there were Master of the Revels Saburov’s, Major-General Albrecht’s and other owners’ buildings situated in the territory between the Moyka river, Angliysky prospect and Pisarev street. Since 1872 till 1882 there was a mansion there possessed by the owner of engineering plants Isaak Mironovich Malkiel (1844-1881).

In 1882 the parcel of land was acquired by the Palace Agency for Alexander II’s son Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich appointed the commander in chief of the Imperial Russian Navy and the Sea Services of Russia.

As early as in 1883 architect M.E. Messmacher starts projecting the new palace. To save the assets and hasten the construction of the palace, the buildings that had been saved on the plot were embedded into that. At Duke’s will there was a style bearing slight resemblance to the French Château Style chosen for the palace.

After Duke’s death the palace was inherited by his brothers Grand Dukes Vladimir and Paul and his nephew Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich. The new owners let the empty palace, the adjoining garden and greenhouse for rent. For example, during 18 months it housed the German Embassy.

The today’s Music House survived quite difficult times after the Russian Revolution. It was Pioneers’ House and a driving training school before World War II and a warehouse during the siege of Leningrad and by 2005 had got in disrepair.

The new stage in the history of the building began in October 2005. At that time, it was decided at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture of Russia to create the Saint Petersburg Music House that has been situated in the building of the palace since February 2006. In the same year the restoration of the palace under the project of the establishment began and it lasted until 2009.

The St. Petersburg House of Music is an establishment which main objective consists in saving and developing the traditions of the classical musical art as well as in the preparation of the students and graduates of music schools for the international competitions and festivals.

Aristocratic dynasties of Petersburg

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