Bolshoy Prospekt of Vasilievsky Island


Main avenue of Vasilievsky Island has appeared in 18th century, in times when there was nothing but thick forest

This street arose shortly after the construction of the Menshikov Palace on one of its shores: after settling in his new mansion, Prince A.D. Menshikov ordered a hole to be cut through which he could drive to the western edge of Preobrazhensky Island, overlooking the Baltic Sea. This glade, which cut the entire Preobrazhensky island, was called the "Great Perspective", and in the 19th century it was renamed Bolshoy Prospect.

Among the buildings of greatest historical and cultural value are the building of the first Gostiny Dvor in St. Petersburg, built on the corner of Bolshoy Prospekt and the 6th line, in which the St. Andrew Market and three churches - the Lutheran Church of St. Catherine, St. Andrew Cathedral and the Church of Three Saints now work.

The main attraction that remained on Bolshoy Prospekt from the Soviet era is the Kirov Palace of Culture, built by the architect N. Trotsky after the death of the famous politician S. M. Kirov. Next to it is one of the largest clothing markets in the city and the building of a currency exchange. In the former building of the fire department, which was operating on Bolshoy Prospekt in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, there is a fire-technical exhibition, visitors of which can get acquainted with the detailed history of fighting fires in St. Petersburg. A sculpture group has been installed next to this museum - a monument to the feat of the firefighters of Leningrad, made by the sculptor L.K. Lazarev


  • Address: St. Petersburg, Vasilievsky Ostrov, Bolshoi prospekt
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