Granite terrace adorns the site above the Great Pond in Catherine Park in Tsarskoye Selo

For three decades in the eighteenth century the present site of the Granite Terrace in the Catherine Park was occupied by the Coasting Hill with slopes that could be slid down in winter and summer. Between 1792 and 1795 the Coasting Hill was dismantled and the architect Charles Cameron set about construction a large 32-column gallery of Pudost stone in its place.

In the late 1790s, however, th at gallery too was demolished (the materials recovered from it were later reused in the construction of the Mikhailovsky Castle in St Petersburg, designed for Paul I by the architect Bazhenov).

It was decided in the early 1800s to use the large platform left on the site of the Coasting Hill and gallery for the construction of a large granite terrace. This was designed in 1809 by the architect Luigi Rusca (1758–1822).

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