Petrovsky park in Kronshtadt


Front pier and monument to Peter the Great as founder of Kronshtadt are located in Petrovsky park

The most remarkable place of the park is a monument by T.Zhak to Peter the Great, the founder of Kronshtadt, installed in 1841. Petrovskaya pier, a memorial midday canon, a commemorative stele in honor of Russian sailors - heroes of Tcusima battle are situated on the embankment of the park.

A unique ensemble of "provincial houses" for military sailors and civilians is located. It includes the house of count Minikh. Military governors and principal commanders of Kronshtadt port worked in this building.

Near the east part of Petrovsky park the building of Marine Artillery Arsenal is situated. It was constructed according to the architect I.Gomzin's design in 1836. Originally it was a place for gun repairs, ship models and different combat trophies of the Russian fleet were stored there.


  • Address: St. Petersburg, Kronshdadt
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