Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh in Tsarskoye Selo


The restored Orthodox church of the former Life Guards of the 2nd Infantry Tsarskoye Selo Regiment in Pushkin in Sofia

Originally, the temple of the newly formed battalion was erected in a wooden barracks building on Pavlovskoye highway with the zeal of the battalion commander, Prince A. I. Baryatinsky. The consecration of the church by the chief priest of the Main Staff of the Guard and the Grenadiers by Vasily Bozhanov took place on April 29, 1857.

In 1863, the battalion was transferred to Warsaw, and the church building was subsequently transferred to the Life Guards Rifle Division of His Majesty the battalion. After returning to the Tsarskoye Selo in 1871 the Life Guards of the 2nd Rifle Battalion, he was placed in the buildings of the former grocery stores on Gatchinsky Highway. The antimins, the iconostasis and the utensils of the marching temple, taken by the battalion from Warsaw, were originally stored partly in the Zeichhaus and partly in the southern aisle of St. Sophia Cathedral.

In 1879, Protopresbyter John Rozhdestvensky consecrated a house church in the barracks of the battalion in honor of St. Sergius of Radonezh. The consecration was dedicated to the two-year anniversary of the victory of the battalion over the Turks near Arab Kanak on December 3, 1877. The organization of the church was especially promoted by the commander of the battalion, Colonel R. T. von Meves and assistant clerk merchant Erast Vaikov.

The church was located on the second floor of a three-story barracks building on Gatchinsky highway. However, the temple was located very uncomfortable: regimental musicians played next to it and from above; a bakery was set up under the church, the smell of which penetrated the temple - all this necessitated the construction of a separate building for the church.

In 1889, Archpriest Theodore Pavlovich consecrated a new stone church, built on the Sofia parade ground at the expense of the treasury at the request of the battalion commander, Major General N. D. Skaryashin. The church was located in a building where the training hall and the Zeichhaus were placed with it.

In 1903, a separate altar was attached to the building, and an entrance was made from the street under a new high stone bell tower. In 1904, the church was consecrated by Protopresbyter Alexander Zhelobovsky in the presence of Nicholas II, Grand Dukes Vladimir and Sergey Alexandrovich and Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna. Subsequently, the temple was separated from the classroom with a blank stone wall with a double door.

On March 17, 1921 the church was closed, and the utensils were transferred to the temple of the former life guard of the 1st Infantry Regiment. During the Great Patriotic War, the church building was severely destroyed: the skeletons of the building remained, without ceilings, roofs and communications. In this state, in 1972 they were transferred to a driving school. The premises of the temple were completely rebuilt. The bell tower was destroyed, a two-story ceiling was made inside. The decoration of the temple is destroyed.

In 2009, an initiative group of believers was formed, which began to seek the return of the Church to what was left of the temple. On October 8, 2010, near the church of St. Sergius of Radonezh, the first prayer service was dedicated to St. Sergius next to his abused church.

In 2012, the church was officially returned to the Russian Orthodox Church. On October 8, on the feast day, the first worship was held in the former premises of the church. December 8, 2014 the temple was solemnly consecrated by the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill.

Initially, the temple inside was painted by the artist S.V. Chekhonin with frescoes in the old Russian style. When restoring the church, the style of its painting on the basis of preserved fine materials was preserved. The walls are decorated with floral ornaments, designed in blue tones. Four plots are placed here: on the north wall - “Blessing of the Bartholomew Elder by an Elder”; on the south - “Blessing of the venerable Prince Dmitry Donskoy to the Battle of Kulikovo by the Monk Sergius of Radonezh”; on the altar arch on the left - “Adoration of the Magi”; on the right - “The Appearance of the Risen Christ Christ Martha and Mary”.

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