Church of St. Martyr Julian of Tarsus


Full name:  church of Julian of Tarsi of His Majesty's Cuirassiers Life Guard Regiment

Her Majesty's cuirassier life guards regiment - the guards regiment of heavy cavalry, which raised in Russia from 1732 to 1918; one of the oldest and famous cavalry regiments of the Russian imperial guard. The cuirassier regiments were conceived in order to withstand the European cuirassiers and break up the system of the lighter cavalry of the eastern armies.

On 10 of March, 1832 Cuirassier regiment arrived in Tsarskoye Selo from the city of Wenden (Livonia province). By the end of the XIX century, the question of the construction of a separate regimental church became relevant. July 3, 1894, on the day of the regimental holiday, the consecration of the place intended for the construction of the church took place. In 1899, the church was completely consecrated.

The church was built in the style of Russian churches of the XVII century and accommodates 900 parishioners. There were 12 bells on the bell tower. The church had two chapels: the upper one in the name of the holy martyr Julian of Tarsia and the lower one in the name of the prophet Elijah.

The iconostasis, installed in the arch, was made of translucent stained-glass windows. The main goal of such an unusual solution was the access of light from the altar, which had the largest windows in the church. The royal doors also made of glass had traditional images of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Evangelists. After the October Revolution, the church became a parish church.

In March 1924, the decision of the Leningrad Executive Committee ordered to close the church. After that, all the interior decoration and the iconostasis were destroyed. The building was used for household needs of various military units, including the 22nd Voronezh Cavalry Regiment, which stood in the former barracks of the Cuirassier Regiment.

In 1987, by the decision of the Leningrad City Executive Committee, the church building was taken under state protection as an architectural monument, and five years later the church was returned to the Orthodox Church.

In 1992, the temple was returned to the Church. The building needs restoration, for many years it was mothballed.

In 2013, restoration work began. Every year in the church on the day of the regimental holiday on June 21 (July 4, st.), A festive prayer is held.


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