The Chapel of Prelate Spyridon Trimiphuntsky


The chapel was built in honor of the centennial of the Life Guards of the regiment of Finland.

Before the Revolution, the chapel was belonged to the house church of Prelate Spyridon Trimiphuntsky, situated in the building of the hospital of the Life Guards of the regiment of Finland. Finland Regiment participated in the war of 1812 and returned to St. Petersburg in 1816. Upon return a question about the construction of the regimental hospital was posed. In 1817 the project, providing for the construction of the hospital on the place of the old feed yard, was drafted.

In 1820 the church of the Saint Spyridon Trimiphuntsky at the regiment hospital was consecrated. It was placed on the second floor of the new building.

Regimental church had existed since 1814 in the barracks building on the Vasilievsky island, and after adjustment of the regimental hospital by A. Shtauberg, was located in the center, on the 2nd floor. On December 20, 1820 the church was consecrated. Its interior was decorated with Corinthian pilasters and painted under the molding. A high single storey iconostasis was decorated with Corinthian pilasters. Captain P. Titov presented to the church the ark of the particle of the Holy Cross and a silver cross with relics of the Apostles Peter, Paul, Andrew and Matthew. After returning from the Holy Land, the Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolaevich raised slipper of St. Spiridon and the pearl cross with a particle of the Holy Sepulchre.

The icon of St. Alexander Nevsky on a black marble plaque reminded about the soldiers of the guard regiment killed in assassination attempt undertaken by S. Khalturin in 1880 in the Winter Palace. To the 100th anniversary of the regiment, local manufacturers presented to the icon of the Savior in enamel chasuble. Every year on October 12 there was a memorial service for the fallen in battle in Gorny Dubnyak in Bulgaria.

The regimental flags and uniforms of Great patrons were also kept there. On the main facade in 1904 the chapel of St. Spyridon in the Empire style was built in honor of the regiment century. Many shrines were transported there and after the closing of the temple in August 1919 the services were performed for a while. In early 1923 the Empire-style iconostasis was taken to the Museum of the obsolete cult, and the rest of the decoration - to the Smolensk cemetery church. The Chapel of St. Spyridon have belonged to the Church of St. Catherine at the Academy of Fine Arts since 1995.


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