Relics of the "Six Fathers of the Church"


Outstanding Church figures that are distinguished by their sanctity of life and their loyalty to the Church's teaching

The Church of the Spiritual Academy contains fragments of the relics of the six Fathers of the Church: Basil the Great, John Chrysostom, Gregory the theologian, Ambrose of Milan, blessed Augustine, and Jerome of Stridonia.

Fathers of the Church (in the Western tradition, Teachers of the Church) is an honorary title used since the end of the fourth century in relation to a group of outstanding Church figures and writers of the past, whose authority had a special weight in the formation of dogmatics, hierarchical organization and worship of the Church, the compilation of the Canon — a list of the Holy books of the Bible.

The philosophical and theological teaching of the Church Fathers is called Patristics, and the branch of theological science that studies this teaching is called Patrology.

In Catholicism and Orthodoxy, the same saints are referred to as the Fathers of the Church.

The Church fathers created a collection of theological works that formed the basis of Christian dogma. Their scientific heritage is still being studied and understood by researchers.

In contrast to just "Church writers" who allowed certain deviations from The Church's teaching in their lives," Church Fathers " are those Church writers who, for their sanctity of life and fidelity to Church teaching, were recognized by the Church as witnesses and interpreters of Holy Scripture.

The word "Father" in this case is used in a figurative sense, meaning a mentor or teacher of truth. Plutarch in the “Life of Alexander the Great” says that he loved his teacher Aristotle no less than his father, because to the latter he owed his life, and to the former he owed a good life. This mode of expression became common in later times.


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