The barracks of the Life Guards Cossack and Ataman regiments


On Obvodny kanal are located buildings of the former barracks of the Life Guards Cossack regiment. On the wall of one of them there is a corresponding memorial plate

These regiments were manned exclusively by Cossacks. Initially they belonged to the Don army and as the elite were sent to guard the Russian emperor himself and his family during their stay in the capital, as well as in their travels around the country.

Despite the privileged nature of the service these military units would not be called Parade army.

Cossacks of Ataman and Cossack regiments participated in the battles of the Napoleonic wars, heroically proved themselves at Poltava and in the battles of the Russo-Turkish wars of the XIX century, and also participated in the campaigns against Poland. The battle flags of these regiments was also covered with undying glory on the battlefields of the First World War.

The complex "The barracks of the Cossack and Ataman regiments" consists of several buildings, most of which were projected by architects I. Chernik and A. Gemilian. The barracks of the Life Guards Cossack regiment include Soldiers and Officers corps. The complex also includes the Officer corps of the Crimean Tatar squadron. Interestingly, it was built At the expense of the Crimean Tatars. The Officer corps of the Ataman regiment was built later and it looks different from the others. The Officers and Soldiers corps of the Black Sea division also look very interesting.

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