Mansion of Kschessinskaya


An outstanding monument of architecture in the Art Nouveau style, designed by A.I. von Gauguin in 1904-1906

The house is considered the standard building of St. Petersburg Art Nouveau.

The owner of the mansion was known throughout St. Petersburg - this is the famous ballerina, prima of Mariinsky Theater Matilda Kshesinskaya. F. Chaliapin, A. Pavlova and S. Diaghilev were visiting her often. According to legend, from the Kshesinskaya mansion there was an underground passage under the Neva to the Winter Palace, along which the future Emperor Nicholas II went to visit ballerina.

The internal layout of the mansion building and its appearance reflected the personal preferences of the prima ballerina. She wrote in her diary: “I liked the place. It was located in the best part of the city, far away from the factories. In size, it allowed to build a large bright house and have a good garden with it. ” The mansion is a building of extraordinary beauty, combining two ensembles of halls, a chic winter garden and a large number of a variety of outbuildings into a common ensemble. The building even housed a barn and a garage. According to the recollections of eyewitnesses of that time, very often a pig and a goat walked in the courtyard of the mansion.

The house has a rich revolutionary history. From April to July 1917, the Petrograd Committee of the Bolshevik Party was located here. G. Zinoviev and I. Stalin worked in the rooms of the mansion. From the balcony of the mansion V. I. Lenin made his speeches because his office was situated there.

After the revolution, there was opened the Museum of S. M. Kiro and after, in 1957, the Museum of the Revolution was opened. Now here is an interesting Museum of the political history of Russia. There is a legend: if you come to this house at midnight and stand on the corner with Kuibyshev Street, in one of the windows you can see the slender silhouette of the greatest ballerina. She still loves visiting her favorite mansion.

Classical ballet is a castle of beauty...

The rout tells us about one of the most wonderful thing, which you can see in Saint Petersburg - about the most famous Russian ballet. Many admirers from around the world arrive in our city especially to visit Mariinsky or Mikhailovsky theatre. We invite you to go around streets of the city to see places, where people glorified Russian ballet all over the world were studying, working, living and have found the place of their eternal rest.

3 h

The Red Route. Chinese comrades in Red Petrograd

Complicated and controversial events of 1917 were created by a lot of people of different nationalities.Among them were also Chinese students and workers, who lived then in Petrograd

4 h

In search of detective. Following the scenery of «The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson»

The route will get you acknowledged with the places in Saint Petersburg that have become the scenery for «The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson».


This tourist route includes major places of Soviet and Russian movie industry. 

2 h
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