It is the spot where the park leads to the seashore 

By the summer of 1826 all the planned works on the transformation of the island had already been completed. Only its western extremity is not subjected to any changes. This part of the island is a long cape, flooded even with a small rise of water, with stunted vegetation, sauna and smithy.

In the summer of 1826 it was decided to link the headland with the island, located to the north of the Cape.

The creek formed between the Cape and the island was extended and turned into a pond with soft winding shores. The bottom of the Gulf was considerably deepened, and the land was used to raise the level of the newly created site. As a result, Elagin island got a completely new shape, its area increased and the parkland was enriched with the panorama of sea expanses. The cape was fringed with four-wheel wide and narrow pedestrian roads. The new part of the island became known as the Western line.

By the middle of the XIX century St. Petersburg acquired a fine tradition - contemplating the setting sun in the western direction of Elagin Island, called "pointe" at the time.

In 1925-1926 after the floods of 1924 works on the improvement and restoration of the park were carried out. Construction of a wide terrace on the sea spit is attributed to this period. Designed by architect L.A. Ilin, the silhouette of the embankment repeats the outlines of the horizon's smooth line and harmoniously merges with nature. Two guard lions became the decoration of the western arrows. Maritime spit's design echoes the design of the palace - iron lions adorn the terrace of the Yelagin Palace

Elagin Island Ecological Tourist Route

For those who is tired of city rush we suggest this route

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