It occupies the territory south from the Personal garden, along the southern coast of the island

The garden was created during the life of Russian statesman Elagin when regular parks were replaced by landscape ones. Elagin, according to fashion, subjected his island to remodeling, leaving regular stalls only in the front of the house. In the English garden they dug canals, the forest was set in alleys and decorated with various pavilions, grottoes and monuments in honor of the famous host of friends. The architects did not make any significant changes to the layout of the park, so it was called the Old English-style garden. The Old English garden was limited by a wide Carriage road and a wooden "palisade." You could enter the Garden through four entrances that were at the intersection of walking roads. The main composition rod were ponds of complex configuration, with deeply incised headlands and islands, located along the coast, tiny bays and coves.

The landscape of one of the islands is accentuated with a stone arbour of simple classical forms. Built during the times of Elagin, it was rebuilt and re-colored to match the structures of the entire ensemble.

The territory of the old English garden housed other architectural structures. A small elegant wooden building of the Guardhouse was placed near the bridge leading to the Kamenny Island. Another stone pavilion, which later received the name of Music Pavilion, was designed on the place where there used to be a restaurant.

Nowadays, a wide road separates the massifs of the former Old and New English gardens.

Elagin Island Ecological Tourist Route

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