Gymnasium at the State Russian Museum

In 1823, a house for the city head, commerce advisor I. Zherbin was built at the Arts Square. Some friends of A.S.Pushkin rented apartments in this house: a famous Polish poet Adam Mickiewiczthe, prince P.A. Vyazemsky, as well as a famous writer and collector P. Svinyin. Here were held amateur theatrical performances featuring professional actors - M. Savina, N. Sazonov, etc., and a permanent stage was also set up here.

In the1830s in this building was located the "Russian Museum" that was created by a publisher and the first author of the "Notes of the Fatherland" P.P. Svinyin. The richest collection contained a library, manuscripts, a numismatic department, minerals, collection of paintings and sculptures. In 1906 the house of I. Zherbin was demolished because of dilapidation, and it was even supposed to build a mosque and a Muslim madrassa school on this place, but nothing has been built here until 1938. In the winter period of 1920-1930, here was a city rental ice skating rink, and the orchestra played here. In 1935 a project of school construction was developed by architects Trotsky and Katsenelenbogen.

The first graduates finished the new school in 1941, and it tragically coincided with the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. Most of those who were solemnly escorted into adulthood at that time, heroically gave their lives in the fight for their homeland afterwards. Since the early days of the blockade, a hospital was based in this building.

In 1989, the director, together with his supporters, who was teachers and staff of the Russian Museum, established the world's single gymnasium at the largest European museum on the basis of school and kindergarten.


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