Chapel in honor of St. Anthony the Great at Pulkovo Airport


On September 18, 2007, at the Pulkovo 1 Airport building, Archbishop Tikhvin Konstantin consecrated the Orthodox chapel in honor of St. Anthony the Great.

The chapel is located on the third floor of the airport building, next to the cinema hall. The chapel is open from morning to evening, and in the summer, when night flights resume, and around the clock. Divine services are held weekly on schedule.

The chapel was initiated by the Department for Cooperation with Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies of the St. Petersburg Diocese (Chairman - Archpriest Alexander Ganzhin). According to Alexey Farafonov, head of the department’s information sector, the crash of the TU-154 aircraft in August 2006 near Donetsk and the appearance of a chapel at the airport are not interconnected things, and the work on arranging the chapel began a few months earlier. This information is also confirmed by Viktor Konyashchenkov, Development Advisor to Pulkovo Airport OJSC.

“Naturally, traveling by plane is perceived by people as a risky venture. And now a person will be able to come here, pray before departure, and upon arrival, thank the Lord for a safe journey, ”Alexey Farafonov told Vodka Zhivoy.

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