House of merchants Petrovs (Millionnaya, 12)


Two houses situated on these plots were built in the 1740s. One of them belonged to the general-in-chief D. A. Shepelev, the second one – to the imperial valet K. S. Levanov

One of the apartments in the house №12 on Millionaya street belonged to the Grand Duke Pavel Putyatin. On March 3, 1917 there took place a meeting that influenced the fate of monarchy in Russia. The Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich and a delegation of politicians, among whom were P.N. Miliukov, A.I. Guchkov, V.D. Nabokov, M.V. Rodzianko, A.F. Kerensky, V.V. Shulgin, duke G.E. Lvov have held negotiations there. The subject of this meeting was the abdication of Nicholas II in favor of his younger brother Michael. After several hours of discussion, most of the participants declared that they are not able to provide safety to Michael Alexandrovich in case he assumes the throne. In that case Michael suggested the fate of the succession to the throne to be adjudged by the Constituent Assembly. There was prepared the text of the public statement of the Grand Duke published the evening of the same date (the so-called act of "rejection of the Throne").

The Red Route. February 1917

Along the streets of revolutionary Petrograd in 23 February - 3 March of 1917. Based on the contemporaries' memoirs

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