Mansion of Ludvig Nobel


Mansion of Nobel brothers, big manufacturers and inventors

In 1962 Ludvig Nobel, Alfred’s brother, founded his own firm on the Vyborg side in Saint Petersburg. The machine-building factory was named after him and was producing cannons and gun-carriages, underwater mines and cast-iron shells. Alfred Nobel’s inventions were widely used on the production.

In 1874 a house was built next to the factory, made in classicism style as per design of Russian architect Karl Anderson. The house served as the mansion for numerous members of the Nobel family and at the same time – as the factory office. Until 1910 the house was also a place for Nobel brothers oil industry Partnership Board meetings  Alfred Nobel attended being a member of the board. 

During the Revolution of 1917 the mansion was a hideout for Karl Gustaf Mannerheim. Soon after the Revolution the Nobel family left Russia. In 1918 the factory “Ludvig Nobel” was nationalized and got a name “Russian Diesel”, the mansion  became a factory management building once again, as well as lecture theatre and library.

After withstanding both Civil war and World War II, the mansion couldn’t sustain only one thing – the 1990s Perestroika. During that period impoverished factory couldn’t afford anymore supporting such building as the former Nobel mansion.

At the moment the old house stands abandoned. It is not safe to come inside this building!


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