Kryukov Canal embankment (Naberezhnaya Kryukova Kanala)


Kryukov Canal was originally dug from the Neva to the Moyka River 1717-1720

The work was supervised by a certain Semyon Kryukov, after whom the canal was named. Then, in 1782-1787, it was extended to the Fontanka River. In the beginning of 19th century, the canal was equipped with granite embankments and in 1847 the section from the Neva to Blagoveshenskaya Ploshchad (Annunciation Square, now Ploshchad Truda - Square of Labor) was run through a pipe, making it possible to access the Neva only via the Admiralteysky and the Novo-Admiralteysky Canals.

One of the main attractions of the Kryukov Canal is the man-made island Novaya Gollandia (New Holland). It appeared at the time of the digging of the canal started, and in 1765-1780 the island was built up with red-brick warehouses under the supervision of Sava Chevakinsky. Its waterway entrance was adorned with a monumental neoclassical red brick arch designed by Jean-Baptiste Vallin de la Mothe in 1788. Parallel to the warehouses on the opposite bank of the canal stand the massive Kryukov Naval Barracks.

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