Sandy beaches and huge granite boulders, real sea waves or a calm water surface, ship pines and a fresh wind - all these things happen to be visiting cards of the Gulf of Finland coast

The coast of the Gulf of Finland is another unique landmark of Saint Petersburg. Here, you can happily expose your face to a real marine breeze, breathe in a healing air, enriched with an aroma of pine needles, or even dare to step into the cool northern waters. S

aint Petersburg offers its guests and residents a huge number of different places on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, where one can arrange a date on the seashore. These are magnificent and well equipped sandy beaches, surrounded by tall pine trees. These are seaside restaurants and cafes that offer an opportunity to celebrate any event or just to spend an unforgettable evening in the most romantic atmosphere. After all, even the most common walk along the sandy and stony shore with a gentle rustle of waves can dispel sad thoughts and fill your life with freshness, lightness and unforgettable impressions after meeting nature and the waves.

Well, for loving couples and newlyweds, the coast of the Gulf of Finland is an ideal place for a romantic wedding photo shoot in a marine style or even a place for an off-site solemn registration of marriage and a wedding banquet with a true Saint Petersburg atmosphere.


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