Aleksandrino Homestead


Aleksandrino is one of the preserved homesteads in the Peterhof Road area within Saint Petersburg. It is named after its last pre-revolution owner, A. D. Sheremetev

At the beginning of the 18th century, when territories along the road were given out to construct houses on them, the younger sister of Peter the Great Natalya Alekseevna's extensive estate belonging to her since 1714 was located on the place of the present Aleksandrino park. At the end of the 17th century two farms with the shared name Pyatkelle were situated here. In 1716 the tsarevna died and the homestead was divided into two parts.

The homestead on the eastern part still remained here in the 1930s, but later it was destroyed. The western part of the former homestead of Tsarevna Natalya Alekseevna was granted to the senator, major diplomat, former ambassador to Constantinople, privy councillor Pyotr Andreevich Tolstoy.

In the 1760s Ivan G. Chernyshev, a skilled diplomat who enjoyed Empress Elizabeth Petrovna's unlimited trust and was Empress Catherine's protégé became the owner of the homestead. He entrusted the construction of his country house to the French architect J.B. Wallin de la Mothe, representative of the style of classicism, which was new to Russia. This building has been preserved to the present day.

After the revolution the palace of the Aleksandrino homestead became an ordinary residential house, large rooms were divided with partitions into «cage rooms» and pigs were kept in the hall. Near the eastern border of the park the Standard Settlement number 3 was built in the 1930s.

During the war the homestead was at the forefront of defense and got damaged with bombs. In the 1960s the main building was renovated according to M.M. Plotnikov's project but the interiors and service wings weren't recreated.

Nowadays it houses a children's art school.

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