Gorokhovaya Street first appeared on St. Petersburg plans in the 1710-s

Perhaps the most famous building is number 2, also known as the Vietinghoff house, built in 1801 by architect Giacomo Quarenghi. In 1828-1829 Nicolay Gogol also lived on Gorokhovaya Street.

The street officially received its present name Gorokhovaya (literally Pea Street) in 1848. In the second half of the XIX century, it gradually assumed the look of a typical capitalistic highway. It was built up by Revenue houses with well-yards. The first floors of new buildings were often entirely sold for sale.

The first public transport routes passed through Gorokhovaya Street. Besides, the street served as a way from the city center to Vitebsky (former Tsarskoye Selo) station, which means that it was also a government road. The bus route from the Alexander Garden to the station was started here in 1907.

Gorokhovaya Street was primarily merchant. But along with the rich entrepreneurs there lived nobles, masters of art and cultural figures. From 1914 to 1916 Gorokhovaya was a street there Grigoriy Rasputin lived on. At the beginning of the XX century, some buildings here were rebuilt for large trading firms, insurance companies, banks.

Since 1918 the street has become known as the Komissarskaya. The name connected with the house number 2, where All-Russian Extraordinary Commission (Cheka) was situated. In 1927 the street was renamed Dzerzhinsky Street after «Cheka» leader Felix Dzerzhinsky. During the Soviet era former Revenue houses remained residential, but the Soviet «kommunalka» or communal apartments have appeared. Some of the buildings became occupied by various state organizations.

In 1991, the historical name Gorokhovaya Street was returned. Due to the large traffic load, a one-way system was organized along the part of the street from the Admiralty building to the Fontanka River.

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