The main street of St.Petersburg

The need for building Nevsky Prospect arose shortly after the foundation of the city. The only land route that connected the Admiralty (the industrial center of the new city) with central Russia was the Novgorod road, from which a path ran along the banks of the Neva. The Novgorod road ran approximately along the line of the modern Ligovsky Prospect to the Tauride Garden. The trail crossed the Fontanka along the dam built by master I. Matveev in 1705 at the direct instruction of Peter I.

Nevsky Prospect (Nevsky Avenue) is the main street of St. Petersburg, stretching for 4.5 km from the Admiralty to the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. Crosses the Moika River (Green Bridge), Griboedov Canal (Kazan Bridge), Fontanka (Anichkov Bridge). The greatest width is 60 m (at Gostiny Dvor), the minimum width is 25 m (at the Moika river).

Nevsky Prospect is only 10 years younger than St. Petersburg. According to the plan of Peter I, this road was to connect the Admiralty with the Alexander Nevsky Monastery. Empress Anna Ioannovna called the road “Nevsky Pershpectiva”, Catherine II –Nevsky Prospect.

Nevsky Prospect is overlooked by facades of 240 buildings. The right side (odd) is informally called “shadow side”, the even - “sunny side ” (a popular place for a walk). The section from Ploschad Vosstaniya Square to the Alexander Nevsky Monastery is unofficially called Staro-Nevsky (partly due to the fact that in the 1730s an attempt was made to straighten the highway along the current Goncharnaya and Telezhnaya streets).

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