The Round Hall, a classic architecture pavilion, is located in the Great Star park area, at the intersection of the radial roads; originally this round site, sometimes referred to as Tapis Vert (French for Green carpet), was occupied by a vista point.

In 1797-1799, Vincenzo Brenna, having updated the initial design by Charles Cameron, constructs a Pavilion, rectangular in plan, with porticos at the side facades and apses in the side walls.

The pavilion was used for musical concerts and was known as the Music Salon. Salon de musique, its French name, was altered to Soleonyi Muzhik (Russian for “Salty man”) in the vernacular language.

In 1837, when the railroad was being constructed, a railway line was laid down near the Round Hall, and the pavilion was repurposed for servicing the railroad.

During the World War II, the pavilion was quite significantly destroyed and subsequently restored in the 1960s. As of now, the function of a musical salon was returned to the building; chamber concerts are played there on weekends.

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