The Centaurs Bridge


The Centaurs Bridge is one of the iconic symbols of the Pavlovsk park.

Located in the bend of the Slavyanka river, it fits into the landscape perfectly, offering spectacular views of the Palace and the Apollo Colonnade.

Designed by Vincenzo Brenna and constructed in the early 1790s, the bridge was initially decorated by two pairs of bearded and beardless centaur statues at its four corners. Originally, a wooden bridge stood here, replaced by a new stone one when the Cold Bath was constructed. It was decorated by plaster copies of ancient centaurs that greatly impressed Pavel Petrovich and Maria Feodorovna during their visit to the Capitolium museum. Thus, the idea to decorate the bridge with these sculptures belonged to the owners of Pavlovsk.

In 1805, Andrey Voronikhin replaced the plaster statues with marble ones that stood on the bridge up until World War II. The statues were not evacuated and suffered greatly. After the war, epoxy resin copies were made. As of now, the restoration process continues for the original marble sculptures as well as making their copies in artificial materials.


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