The Cold Bath, or summer bathhouse, was designed by Charles Cameron and constructed at the Slavyanka river bank near the Family grove in 1799

It was the third bathhouse constructed. The first so-called Warm Bath was constructed in 1780, in the Menagerie, the second cold one was located near the Pill Tower.

The pavilion comprises two architectural volumes: a rotunda covered by a hemispherical dome, and a rectangular wing with a gabled roof and pediment. The simplicity of architectural forms and the harmony of proportions impart grandeur to this classical building, despite its small size.

The pavilion entrance faces the Slavyanka river and the Centaurs Bridge. A niche for sculptures was made from either side of the entrance. Originally, two papier-mâché statues were placed there: Venus and the Woman Getting out of the Bathhouse.

The first room was used for resting; its interior was decorated with a fireplace with a mirror, furniture, and framed paintings. A bathing pool was placed in the center of the domed room, surrounded by the balustrade. A fountain shower in a form of a copper globe stood at its center. The room walls were covered by oak panels for 3/4 of their height. The pavilion was preserved during the war and it was used for exhibitions in the postwar years. In 2014-2015, major restoration works were performed in the pavilion.

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