The Pill Tower (Pavlovsk)


The Pill Tower is one of the poetic pavilions of the park in the pastoral and romantic style

The Pill Tower is one of the poetic pavilions of the park in the pastoral and romantic style. Resembling the sawmill, the pavilion was a fashion statement of the time and served as a short rest place during a long walk in the park.

It was constructed by Vincenzo Brenna in 1797, on the bank of the Slavyanka river, so it shows impressively from various viewpoints. The Pill Tower is a round structure with a conical thatched roof. Its walls were painted by Pietro Gonzaga, creating an illusion of a ruined building. On one side of the tower, a rickety staircase led to the second floor.

A wooden bridge with a decorative water mill is located at the foot of the tower. The noise of the mill wheel and the water splashes complemented this rural idyll. A small summer bathhouse was located nearby as well. It is by no coincidence that the landscapes with the Pill tower were the favorite themes of the 18th-century artists.

The refined elegance of the interior of the second floor was in stark contrast with the squalid but picturesque exterior: a marble fireplace opposite to the entrance, the semi-circular sofas with painted silk upholstery standing along the walls, complete with the picturesque paintings of gallant scenes on the walls.

In 1808, Andrey Voronikhin replaced the water mill with a new Pill Tower bridge with its beautiful gentle arch over the water and cast-iron railings.

During World War II, the bridge was blown up, and the pavilion building sustained heavy damage. They were restored in the 1960-1970s.


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